WI Lift

Education. Collaboration. Inspiration.

Annual Membership: $397


Networking Reengineered


After seeing so many networking events that simply don’t hold water, Women Ignite has reengineered the “networking event” by considering people are more than just a business card and a handshake. In order to truly succeed we need a deep and supportive community that lifts us up. WILift is how we are addressing this need for community that until now has had little existence in the business world.

This members only event connects business leaders from around the world through education, collaboration, and inspiration. With your exclusive WILift Memberships, you get access to bi-monthly opportunities to learn from dynamic keynote speakers, unique networking opportunities, and be a part of an inclusive community all working together to unlock the strengths you already possess for success. 

Key Benefits of WILift


You’ll gain business insight from a different featured keynote speaker at each WILift event you attend. On top that, you’ll get training from Women Ignite coaches in the room on developing your skills and strengths.


The WILift room is full of like-minded, high-level achievers who are eager to collaborate. You’ll be given tools and coaching on how to make connections deeper than the exchange of a business card.


You are not alone at WILift. Women Ignite coaches are in the room to help you network more effectively. At the end of a WILift session you’ll find yourself inspired by the fact you found a place you belong.

Your first 2 WILift Events are free!*

Not sure if WILift is what you’re looking for? Visit two WILift events for free and get to know us!

*does not include WILift Main Events - see calendar


Other Highlights

  • Opportunities for leads at every meeting with “Message Me” cards. 

  • Belong to a vibrant professional community.

  • New contacts. New ideas. Fresh inspiration.

  • Collaborate with high-level achievers.

  • Be challenged.

  • Develop your communication skills.

  • Unlock your strengths.

  • Dial up sales skills.

  • Master your “Power Pitch”.

  • Mastermind with others from diverse spaces.

  • Overcome business challenges.

  • Crush your financial goals.

Upcoming Events

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